Yes, it is true. Long awaited, never-before seen pencils of pages. (Of pandas painting pictures of penguins?) NO! Of Paohlo, the poor little Euro-trash boy who is about to meet the love of his life! And now, the PAGES!
"Futbol: A Love Story" is set in the Alpine town of Sophia Alm in 
post WWII.  The town draws heavily from my own travels 
to a small Austrian town called Maria Alm.
 Big creative name change, I know.
Paohlo in Signor Van der Spiegel's store
The dialog is poorly scribbled in there, sorry.

And this one has no dialog whatsoever. I write the dialog
in my head as I draw and rarely write it down, a process I do
not recommend as for obvious reasons as it is so hard to
remember what is said if a hiatus is taken. . .

And so, one day, this story will be completed. Inked, colored, lettered, the whole nine. Today is not that day. Critiques are welcome, goodness knows I need some and don't give me any wisecracks on the importance of writing down dialog, I know. I just don't.


  1. sweet!

    and everybody's process is different. i randomly scribble dialogue during my thumbnails and promptly forget them when it's time to finish it. but i feel like that's something that should be more fluid and not set in stone until you're almost done.

    as for a crit. maybe play with you camera angles more. right now everything is kinda mid shots. but then again the mid-shots create a nice rhythm...........

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy and they’re looking nice. I like that interior of the local store. I totally failed on my first update. I'm going to try again next Tuesday. Glad you’re back on the scene!!!