In approximately 24 hrs. . .

. . . I will be almost completely immersed in the game called Pokemon Platinum so I figure, what better time than now to launch my brand new blog (same site, new title and brand new art). I know right? Who still plays Pokemon and is not over the age of 12? Me, I guess. . . To the right is a panel from "It's a Boy For Anita Houlihan or Why I Hate the Suburbs." Which is a story about just that. It started off as an inking exercise (seeing as I hadn't even touched my pens and brushes for almost a year) and the story grew from there.

Poor Didi Bliss is still around and without a proper story to call her home. She's been around for quite some time, since her first appearance (below)
back in aught six and she has since driven an El Camino, chatted with ghosties, bought beers all around, cosplayed, worked as a pastry chef, shrank a few inches, had a couple more inches added to her waist and had a child. Not to mention her dancing mole that changes positions every other time she is drawn. Poor, poor Didi Bliss. Anyway, above left is the poor girl showing up at her sister Ophelia's doorstep. Another inking exercise.

And now for something completely different. COMICS. Well, a comic, half a page really but for all those who are in the know, comics these days for me are a rare, rare occurrence.
The first panel was somewhat laughable so I omitted it.
You're not missing much.

And that's all I have. It's not much but it's a start. This is all way too wordy and I apologize people, so one more drawring to reward you by:
scoot scoot, bitches.
I lied, one more:

heck yes.


  1. i know who plays pokemon platinum.....


    can't wait to snatch it up