The Ladies of the X-Men WIP

It's decoration time in the old apartment and what better motif to
decorate in than our fave x-girls in skanky poses.
Why there aren't more pictures of STORM embracing
her natural Nubian goodness is beyond me. . . Rock The FRO
Just learned yesterday that Jubilee never had an
X-Uniform. . . oh well. If I can draw Storm in a fro then
I can draw Jubilee in a freakin' X-Uniform if I so choose.
Now here's a girl that get no respect. . . but she gets a dragon?
See, she's being skanky because she's posing without her gloves. . . watch out.
And her hair? Designing Women on Steroids? Yes.

Inks and colors and framing yet to come. . . judging by the way I post, it will come in
approx. 10 months.

1 comment:

  1. Ohh, I would love to have a copy of Rogue. She is sooo the hotness. Also, I love how her armband is just barely hanging on... by MAGIC!

    - Shreen!